4 Bills You Can Save on by Paying Online

Online bill pay is infinitely better than snail mail how many times have you mailed a bill payment just to have it not arrive at its destination on time or even at all? Mailing payments to your creditors is iffy at best, but online payments are generally immediate and, after you print out a receipt, you’re done. No guesswork, no worries. Online bill pay can certainly make this a course of action that is a good deal easier for everybody. Paying your bills online makes life so much simpler by saving money and freeing up time and leaving you with the assurance that there will be no interruption in coverage due to a premium lost in the mail.  

Compare Car Insurance Rates and Pay Premiums Online

While searching online for sites that compare car insurance quotes and services, look for companies that have free online bill pay for their customers. In most cases, these insurance companies can set up either automatic monthly payment from your checking account or credit card or an alternative one-time payment option at your discretion each month. The best companies are those who allow either option, making it cheaper and easier for their customers to submit payments.

Look for a Health Insurance Provider Who Offers Online Bill Pay

There are hundreds of health insurance carriers online who claim to offer the cheapest rates, the best coverage and the most reliable claims processing. However, there is another consideration when choosing a health insurance provider. Check to make sure that they also offer online bill pay as well. With insurance, you’ll want either automatic payments or an insurance site that provides the ability to make manual online bill pay payments every month when your bill comes due.

Pay Your Utility Bills Online

Even though you generally cannot pick and choose your utility companies, almost all major utility companies offer online bill pay these days, so take advantage of it and save time and money with their online bill pay. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, their site is secure and you can make your payment each month effortlessly and instantaneously. No waiting for your payment to arrive and be credited to your account. You can either use their automatic debit option or manually enter your payment each month, depending upon your preference.

Pay Your Taxes Online

Rather than sending a paper check when you pay the IRS each year, try filing electronically and using online bill pay to submit your payment. This will save you time and money and give you the peace of mind of knowing that your tax debt is credited immediately rather than waiting for the check to arrive, get sorted and eventually get posted to your account. You can also pay property taxes online via your local tax collector’s website. In addition, auto registration renewal fees, driver’s license renewals, city dog licenses and more can be easily paid with online bill pay.

Get Started With Paying Your Bills Online

To get started with online bill pay for all your bills, here are a few helpful tips and hints: To start with, separate bills into several piles:

1) First Pile: All bills that remain the same every month, both date and amount.
2) Second Pile: All bills that are paid every month, but vary as to date and/or amount.
3) Third Pile: All sporadic or non-regular bills, such as veterinarian bills, property taxes, income taxes, whether paid quarterly or yearly, tax preparer or accountant, legal fees, or licensing fees, such as annual dog licenses.

Set up either automatic or manual payments for all bills in the first pile. Set up manual pay monthly, quarterly or annul bills from the second and third piles on either your bank website or each company’s website. In conclusion, you will find that all forms of online bill pay will save you a great deal of time and money, so when signing up for car, health or life insurance, look for sites that offer online bill pay. In order to pay all of your bills online, you may want to opt for using both online bill pay methods together, so that the end result will be that all of your bills are paid online rather than via paper check or money order by mail.

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