Things you need to know about contractor mortgages

The term ‘contractor mortgage’ is a phrase that often recalls memories of stress and untold pressure for many people – and for good reason. It is widely known that applying for any mortgage, regardless of whether it is a mortgage for a contractor or a general option, puts heaps of pressure on a person and takes plenty of time and patience to get sorted. In terms of contractor mortgages however, the stress and frustration can reach boiling point, which is why you need to follow some basic guidelines and tips if you want to get anywhere fast.

It is well known that quite a few lenders are limiting the amount of mortgages for contractors, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

There are still good deals to be had and, providing you know how to look and spot a good deal – you could reap the rewards of a really good product. Generally, there can be some unclear aspects when it comes to certain contractor mortgage deals, so the best thing to do is to research and get all the facts in place before going any further. If you want to make the situation as easy and as stress-free as possible, have all your documentation with you and provide the lender with an up-to-date financial breakdown of your situation.

A number of lenders will accept three years of business accounts as evidence of your earnings, but not all lenders will allow this – so check before you make an appointment. If however, for whatever reason, you cannot produce business accounts, some firms will also accept a letter from an account, but again, it would be wise to check this before making any big moves as this is quite a rare situation.

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