Obtaining Travel Insurance if you have Cancer

Obtaining travel insurance at any stage in life is crucial, but it’s all the more important if you are battling any kind of cancer.

Travel insurance for cancer patients is slightly different to that created for healthy tourists; however it’s vital to invest in it, as it will help you get the medical treatment you need if necessary whilst on holiday.

However as there is an increased risk of you getting sick whilst away on vacation, it can be more difficult to get an insurer to accept you. Many insurers offer specific policies though, so it is by no means an impossible task, and one that people achieve every single day.

While applying for travel insurance, dealing with cancer means you will have to face a lot of personal questions. When it was diagnosed, what type is it, what grade is it at, what’s your prognosis…these are all common questions insurers will throw at you, and although it may feel intrusive, it’s only so you can obtain the best possible cover for your individual condition.

Furthermore, if you have successfully overcome cancer and been given the all-clear, you’ll still have to declare this – but if you have a certificate from your doctor saying you’ve got the all clear, it shouldn’t be as tricky to obtain a comprehensive policy.

When you do finally invest in the insurance, ensure it’s going to cover you for all potential possibilities. For example, some policies may only cover you up to a certain point, but you may need fairly comprehensive treatment, so be sure to discuss this with your insurer.

The main thing to remember when procuring the travel insurance is that if you are fully compliant with the process and take care of yourself whilst on holiday, it shouldn’t be a problem to obtain the right level of cover for you.

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