Negotiating the costs before renting an office space

If finding an office space has become imperative for your business, it is necessary to determine whether to buy a space or rent one. Whether you operate a small business or are just starting out in a new business, renting an office space may be a better idea. This would ensure that you do not lock in a huge capital in the property.

After you have found an office to let that matches your requirements and purpose, you need to use your skills to negotiate the costs. Which points do you need to negotiate about? Here are a few points regarding costs that you may have to negotiate with the owner or manager of the commercial property.

Negotiate the service charges to ensure that you are not stuck with paying the charges for the repair, maintenance and renovation work the owner carries out. Try fixing a service charge with the owner or manager for the entire length of the lease period before you enter into a rental agreement. 

Negotiate the rent free periods with the property owner or manager before you consider renting the office space. In most cases, the longer the lease period, the better chances of getting a longer rent free period.

Negotiate the dilapidation costs beforehand to ensure that there are no legal hassles when you vacate the property. Every lease agreement has a clause that the tenant needs to return the rental property as it is at the end of the lease period. Fixing this cost ensures that there are no problems regarding this.

Negotiate the lease terms with the help of the estate agents Cork as well as an experienced solicitor. This ensures that you are not stuck with some lease term that would lead to additional costs after you enter into a lease agreement.

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