Is Dubai a safe Haven for investors?

Not too long ago, Dubai was one of the most expensive cities of the world. However, we all saw that conditions did not remain the same for Dubai because the deteriorating conditions of the global economic took a toll on Dubai as well. Like many other sectors of the city, Dubai real estate also struggled to retain the investment. According to a survey, 70% of the potential property buyers explore markets rather than to invest their money blindly in Dubai.
The global economic crunch of 2008 shook investors’ trust in Dubai real estate. The Government came forward to sort this situation out and since then has taken various steps for the betterment of this sector.

These efforts have their hand in reviving the jolted trust of investors, ridding Dubai of the stigma. It also reinforced the fact that Dubai remains a safe haven for property investment despite the ongoing global and local turmoil in the Middle East. A sudden increase in demand in properties of some localities is also noticed as per a survey conducted recently by a bank in 3rd quarter of 2011. On the whole, the UAE real estate sector is in a state of uncertainty because of financial upheaval, but Dubai has started showing signs of recovery due to the local & foreign investment not only in its real estate market but in its corporate sectors as well.

Chinese trade is flourishing by leaps and bounds and Dubai has become of prime importance for the Chinese traders because it connects China not only to Europe but also Africa. Chinese traders have realized the importance of this connecting point and taking full advantage of the situation. Dubai can provide Chinese traders an exposure to bigger markets and an even larger customer base for their products and services.

China can play a major role in recovering Dubai’s economy by investing in its corporate as well as real estate market. In 2011, the initial investment is low but the interest is escalating amongst Chinese traders and unlike other countries, Chinese traders show interest in buying properties rather than leasing or renting. For that reason, experts are right in claiming that China will be the major contributor for the recovery of Dubai economic sector.

Tourism is another important pillar of Dubai’s economy that attracts tourists from all over the world. Dubai is a home to some of the most renowned tourist spots in the world. People from all around the world love to come and stay here, especially from the West. Therefore, investment in this sector can never be a wrong decision. Your investment will be doubled soon or you can get multifold profit from this investment in Dubai.

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