Financial Market analysis on plant-based foods

Research shows that eating vegetarian food reduces obesity and various diseases. The majority of the people are aware of the fact that how non-vegetarian food supports cruelty to the animals and harm the environment. From restaurant’s to fast food joints, vegetarian options are becoming commonplace and have expanded from natural food store to club stores and mainstream grocers. Study also shows that the trend driving interests in vegetarian eating people will continue. The business people however, cannot make profit by only catering to this requirement and thus intend to offer delicious and affordable plant based foods.

It has been observed that consumer who seeks for vegetarian foods prefer fruits, grains, vegetables and dairy products. Market analysis shows that the demand narrows down to dairy alternative products as well as meat. The analysis also shows that around 60%of the vegetarians feel stronger about food being an important part of their lives than the non-vegetarian groups.  The survey also shows that 5.2% of the population was ready to follow a vegetarian-based diet in the future. Around 7% of the population was even willing to give up non-vegetarian foods completely.

Approximately, 1.8 million people are vegans who all do not prefer egg, animal ingredients and even dairy products. Vegans are heavy users of products that only meet their requirements. Research shows that vegans have positive influence in the automotive field.  They do not mind to pay extra for clothes, automobiles and food if they are made in such a manner that does not harm the planet. Basically, the population of vegans is moving from marginal level to the mainstream globally.

The main question that arises is who eats plant –based foods? The study reveals that low income household are more likely to prefer vegetarian foods .Even older people falls into this category and it has also been found that around 70% of the female are semi-vegetarian aged between 45 and older.

The range of vegetarian foods is increasing and the growing market has been successful in attracting major competition. There are several market research companies conducting research work for vegetarian foods. If you want to read more about research on vegetarian food, you can check with Redshift market research Company’s website to get the details.

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