Celebrate the holidays and stay within your budget

Celebrate the holidays and stay within your budget
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Winter is a hard time for your budget. But holiday still does not mean that you have to spend all the money you have on gifts for family and friends. I can recommend you some easy tips that you can use making decoration and gifts and during preparation to holidays.

Making invitations

The main purpose is to invite people you want to see at your party. You need to set a date and time, also determine a place, so your friends can plan their time according to your invitation. This also helps hosts to understand the amount of guests to prepare dishes.

In the past time people used cute cards to make an invitation, and also marked the necessary date in their calendar. But today we all use smartphones and other means of communication, so it is not necessary to spend money on cards and delivery. Also you can find many services online that can help you to invite people you want. This is much convenient and time saving.

The other possibility is to make an event in your social network, where you can also create a discussion about the following party. It will help you to prepare and understand what your guests want. Using this service will also provide a timely reminder, so none will miss the event.

Using an online service will also allow you to apply for personal money loan with online approval. This is the most convenient way to get extra money during holidays to make all necessary purchases and preparations. You do not need to save money during all the year and also miss good holiday’s propositions just because you have not got your salary yet.

Decorating your house

There are some traditions about decorating a house for New Years Eve. The most appropriate colors are thought to be gold, silver, red and black. So you should not be too quick when you take down your tree to make enough space for all guest on the party, you can try to redecorate it. You can use the decoration from the tree for the candles and place it somewhere in rooms. Also consider about using interesting things that you can always find in the garage. Use your imagination and be creative, this will help you not only to save the money, but also make unique decor.

This holiday has the other tradition to kiss people you love. So to create a good romantic atmosphere you can use candles, which you can easily buy not so expensive. It is better to choose candles with no aroma, because you will have a good tasty food which smell should not be mixed.


At first you need to decide how big your company is. If you have just few close friends you can cook various dishes, but if the invited guests are not limited it is better to make a pot-party. You can also make just light sandwiches and salads, and discuss who can help you. According to my experience people do not eat much during such events, so it will be enough just to have appetizers. But you should not forget about drinks, this will obviously end at first.

The most necessary drink traditionally is champagne. But you can make a punch with vine and fruit juice, this will help you to use less champagne and make it more wanted when the time comes.

However if you decide to make a really big event, you can discuss with your friends and divide the meals to cook together. This will also diversify the menu and give you more free time.

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