5 Tips to help get your Disability Insurance claim approved

Getting a disability claim approved can be a difficult and arduous process.  The disability insurance companies are all large businesses, and the prevalent theme in American business today is that “cash is king.”  When you file a claim for benefits, you need to be ready to fight for the benefits you need and deserve.  Many people, however, do not realize how difficult a claim filing can be, as the insurance companies always say it is easy income protection and do mention the difficult application process they make you go through.  Here are five tips that can help make sure your disability claim is approved the first time.

* Be Detailed on Your Claim Forms
The first thing the insurance company sees when they are deciding whether or not to approve your claim is the initial claim forms.  These forms need to be filled out entirely and correctly. The smallest mistake on these forms could end up costing thousands of dollars over the life of the policy.

* Help Your Doctor Help You
When you see the doctor for the initial medical examination used to prove your disability claim, you need to make sure the doctor knows how to fill out the forms the insurance company requires.  You may want to sit down with them and fill out the forms together so all symptoms are explained clearly.

* Follow All Deadlines
One of the most common ways people can be denied their benefits is through missing the filing time period and other missed deadlines.  This is a no-brainier; just make sure to use your calendar!

* Hire an Expert to Help
The process of filing a claim for benefits while you are disabled is challenging.  Hiring a disability claim consultant to help make the process easier could help ensure your benefits are approved the first time.  Their experience helps you know what to file and how to file it. Filing an appeal to a disability claim.

* Don’t Give Up!
The insurance companies often deny claims they plan on approving on appeal because they know many people will not appeal their original denial.  This money saving technique is used all the time and the best way to prevent it is to never give up.  Filing an appeal can be a difficult process, but the results are often worth it. 

Author: Derick is a blogger who focuses on providing disability claim help and advice to individuals who have recently become disabled or have experienced increased communication with the disability insurance company providing them with benefits.

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