5 Immediate Steps to follow if you have had a Car accident

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It is extremely stressful if you are involved in a car crash. Whether you have caused it or not, is not the question of the moment. If you are involved in a car accident, you should first follow a basic set of rules to ensure that you are in the all-clear, physically as well as mentally. Many people start worrying about insurance the moment they are involved in an accident. Whether you are looking for auto insurance in Garden Grove or Orange County, it doesn’t matter. What matter is that all the parties involved in the accident are fine.

Those who are in such high-stress situations are normally confused and do not know what to do. If you are unsure, always call 911 (in USA) to the scene and seek the assistance you need. Do not try to handle the situation on your own as you might be in shock and will not realize the dearth of the situation.

Here are the five steps you must absolutely follow in the case of a car accident:

1. Seek medical help

Whether it is for you, fellow passenger or the other driver, make sure that the first person you call is for medical help. You might seem fine, but you do not know the physical and mental implications that a car accident might take on your body. It is not easy to get yourself to the hospital at all times so ensure that you have an emergency number on speed dial.

Even if you do not have any outward physical injuries, there is always a chance of internal bleeding so you should never take it lightly.

2. Get the details of the other party

If you were not to blame for the car accident, make sure that you take down the details of the other car and the driver’s contact details for the insurance claim and damages claim. If you were the reason for the car accident, you need to give your details as well as get theirs to ensure that there is no miscommunication, and it does not seem like an intended offense. Having their details will make it easier to settle claims as well.

3. Report to the police

Never let an accident slide, whether it was minor or major. A major car accident will reach the cops anyway. If you do not report the accident within 28 days to the police, you can’t make any car insurance claims without justification for the delay to report. Auto insurance in the Garden Grove or anywhere in the USA ensures that it covers all ground for false claims.

4. Seek legal help

If you are in need of help, ensure that you go to a lawyer who specializes in personal injuries and accidents. Since you are allowed to make only one accident claim, ensure that you have the legal help to make a substantial claim and nothing more.

5. File accident claim

Before you file this, make sure that you know what you are claiming for and the compensation that you need. If you are doing it in a hurry and realize that you needed to get more compensation, you will be sorry since you can’t have more than one claim.

There are many things to consider when you are involved in a car accident. However, never let your claims take the front seat. Keep your health in mind first and get the money you rightfully deserve once you are in the all-clear physically.

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