Worried about the cost of your motorbike insurance?

1. Not too many of us love the thought of paying for our motorbike insurance and if you’re looking for a few ideas as to how to get your costs down, you might want to think about some of the following ideas:

2. Ride a smaller bike: that concept may strike you as being unthinkable but it’s a fact of life that typically if you ride bigger and more powerful machines, you may also face bigger and more powerful premiums.

3. Look around: motorcycle insurance quotes are typically readily available so it might make sense to look around carefully before making your decision;

4. Convicted biker cover: if you have picked up a penalty point or two, the chances are that you’re going to see a hit on the cost of your motorcycle insurance.  If you find policies that specialise in providing cover for convicted bikers, you may be able to reduce that increase somewhat.

5. Pay for essentials: paying for cover you don’t use might be generous to the point of being foolhardy, so if, for example, you’re not going abroad with your bike, you may wish to question why you’re paying for a policy that includes extensive overseas use cover;

6. Don’t slip into a rut: because motorcycle insurance probably isn’t top of most of our interest lists, we may all have a tendency to simply renew our existing policy because it’s the option that involves the least effort.  Yet things change and although our policy may have been great when we first took it out, there may now be better options around.  Of course, you won’t know that unless you make the effort to look before renewing;

7. Be careful with customisation: if you make changes to your bike that move it away from the original manufacturer’s specification then there’s a fair chance your insurance costs might raise.  Try to avoid doing so or if you must change something, try checking with the insurance provider first to see what the insurance implications might be;

8. Use third party cover where appropriate: in some cases, your bike may have a relatively low value and taking our fully comprehensive insurance might be unnecessarily expensive.  Third party liability cover might be adequate; however, do your sums before downgrading your cover just to save money on your policy. Be sure that you’d be happy to accept all the costs if your bike was stolen or destroyed in an accident etc.  

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