Why your firm needs a facilities management expert

Think facilities management is all about getting blocked toilets unblocked and ensuring each employee has their chair set right? Well you’re wrong. It’s about a whole lot more than that. Here’s a quick guide on why your company needs a facilities management expert.

Reducing risk and accommodating change

FM experts can reduce the overall risks your workplace presents. You’ve probably never thought twice about that slightly loose material on the stairs, or the wonky toilet seat. As soon as employee has an accident and takes legal action against you, it’ll be all you can think about. This sounds trivial, but someone who is constantly looking out for the welfare of your workforce is a true asset. Plus, if anything changes space-wise (i.e. you switch your offices about, you move building or you simply change your desks) your FM expert will be on it before you can blink. They’ll have a new risk management plan drawn up; rolling with the changes like nothing ever happened. You won’t even notice it’s happening… but that’s the beauty of a true FM professional.

Managing your environmental impact

FM professionals are trained in identifying and reducing your environmental impact. With the rise of global warming, businesses can’t afford to be too careful when it comes to their emissions and waste. Hiring an FM expert could help you improve your contribution to the world by reducing your overall impact; this can lead to heightened corporate social responsibility and even gain you a few awards which you can shout about from the rooftops. If it’ll improve your reputation, what’s not to like?

Streamlining your processes

A qualified, experienced FM professional will be able to take one look at an existing process and streamline it. It’s a real gift and one that could save your business a whole lot of money, not to mention time and effort. Most FM divisions will take care of your central processes and procedures; be they health and safety-related or not. This means you can rely on them to make the processes as time and cost-effective as possible. Plus, they’ll be able to keep your bids team updated on the company’s latest updates. Need a comprehensive business continuity policy? Ask your FM expert. Worried about the gifts and bribery policy? Your FM specialist is there to help. Above all, they can ensure you’re fully compliant with the law (with the help of your legal team, of course). This could save you a lot of worry and money in the future, too.

You can’t really afford to be without a facilities management team. It really is as clear-cut as that. Your facilities management specialists will do so much without you even noticing. Isn’t that what great employees are made of? Come the time when you do need some help, you’ll be so glad you have them… so appreciate them as much as you can. As with all employees, their contribution helps the business run and when the business runs, you make a profit – it’s simple!

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