Travel and Travel Insurance Fraud Examples and Issues Exposed

When you are arranging your travel insurance and travel arrangements, you should always go with reputable providers, whether they be online or instore. There are many travel related fraud-schemes that exist today, particularly with online purchasing. Here is a look at some of them, you might not be aware of.

1. Fraudulent Operators – Instore. You might not believe it, but travel agents in some countries can be very dangerous. This is another reason why you should make travel arrangements from a supplier in your home country. Dealing with legal issues and making complaints against companies in your own country is much easier than in another. This does not matter where you are in the world. Some operators will actually use credit card details that have been stolen from other people to purchase your tickets when you pay cash. You are then risking flying illegally. This happens a lot in many countries. Believe it or not.

2. Credit Card Detail Theft – Online. With a growing use of online purchasing, you should always remember to keep your credit card details. It is best to never give out your details to anyone. You should use payment systems, such as Paypal to pay your online bills. Even some of the larger online cheap airfare and cheap travel insurance companies go to extreme measures to protect there information. Those who don’t are a target for those who are looking to steal this type of information.

3. Credit Card Detail – Theft In-store. You might be buying through the phone from a store. You hand over your details to make a purchase. The company is reputable so you do not feel concerned. That staff member now has your credit card details. If anyone asks you for your credit card information, you should always tell them you can only use an Eftpos device (where you need to enter you PIN number), or you must pay to something like a Paypal account.

4. Visa and Passport Fraud. You should always be wary about giving your passport to anyone, especially if they tell you they have special connections to get visas and other permits. This can often be very dangerous and your important documents go missing. This applies to both in person or via companies on the internet.

5. Contracts in Other Languages. When you are signing an arrangement in another language you will not really know what it says. There have been instances where people thought they were just paying for travel to go on a timeshare scheme visit, and it ended up that their credit card was charged for the full amount of owning their share of the timeshare scheme.

6. Deceptive Pricing. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. You must always confirm the total and final price. Websites can often be misleading and you are hit with hidden taxes and charges.

7. Becoming a Travel Agent. There are many of this type of fraudulent offers on the internet. They promise you can become your own travel agent and get great income or benefits. Becoming a Travel Agent is not as easy as they say. This is often a misleading and fraudulent affiliate marketing program.

8. Out of Business. If you feel the need to give anyone a donation, you should make it when it counts. You should always check the background of any travel agent. I prefer only the big names in my own country. If a company goes bust, you are without your travel, insurance and your money.

Understand there are more than this and to take care with any of your purchases.

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