Top 10 reasons to live in the woods

Living in a terraced woodland home is something that many couples aspire to but only a wealthy selection can afford. The benefits of living in woodland homes extends way beyond having some peace and quiet and being ‘at one with nature’. This article lists 10 reasons why people to live in the countryside.

#1 Less Pollution

The air is cleaner in the countryside due to less traffic and less buildings. This means living in the countryside is better for your health than living in the city.

#2 Less Crime

Crime rates in the countryside are generally lower than in urban areas. This is often attributed to a lower density of people, especially the lower classes, who cannot afford to live in the country.

#3 Greater Sense of Community

The lower density of people tends to lead a stronger sense of community where everyone knows all of their neighbours. This is sadly lacking in most modern-day urban communities.

#4 More Land

The average owner of woodland homes have access to more land than in the city. Activities such as walking a dog, riding a horse or throwing a party are generally much easier.

#5 More Privacy

Those living in the countryside can expect more privacy in their own home than the average urban home-owner. Most of the houses are detached and there are certainly less people passing by.

#6 Organic Farmers Market

Those living in the countryside tend to have greater access to a local organic farmers market and can therefore have easier access to reasonably priced organic food.

#7 Natural Beauty

Many countryside dwellers that they are living amongst far more beautiful surroundings than the typical city home-owner.

#8 Less Crowded

The lower density of people in the countryside and the added space in which to roam means it is typically less crowded than an urban area, meaning that getting around is a far easier and more pleasant task.

#9 Stress-Free

City workers have described the feeling of stress melting away as they exit suburbia and return home for the evening. Listening to the natural sounds of forest life in the evening whilst staring into the beautiful woodlands is a brilliant stress reliever.

#10 Easy Access to the Countryside!

Many of those who don’t live in the countryside still travel there often. Many enjoy hiking, walking their dogs, taking photographs, camping or simply exploring nature. Those who live in the countryside can take part in these hobbies every day without any hassle at all if they wish.

There are plenty more reasons why living in the countryside is brilliant. There really is something for everyone in the countryside as long as they can afford to live there. Those who are interested in moving to the countryside should speak to those who have already made the move in order to learn more.

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