Financing an Overseas Property purchase nowadays

Before the financial recession, there was a boom in properties in areas such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Many of these properties now are still up for sale but at very depressed prices. Thus, now is the best time to invest in overseas properties if you have the finances available at your beck and call.

The current financial doldrums though has contracted the available funds for these kinds of purchases. Many banks and other financial institutions have either gone belly up or have instituted more stringent requirements before approval of a mortgage or a loan.

With these as the landscape in purchasing overseas properties, the following are some tips for finding financing for your overseas property purchase. While there are many pitfalls in the current world market, the following can help you secure your financial backup for your dream home in some oasis in the world.

Save Up

Because many of the financial wells have become scarcer, your best bet in financing your overseas property purchase would be through your savings. This may seem absurd as finding financing is imperative to transfer funds across borders. With the increased interest requirements as well as stricter guidelines to be granted loans, saving up can help you control your finances as well as build your home away from home one brick at a time.

Finding Property

Many financial institutions have become wary of off-plan property purchases because of their inflated values. To make your case for a loan or mortgage, you need to find a property that is properly evaluated and is already up and near completion. Thus doing due diligence on the properties you seek to purchase must be made to assure the financial institution that the investment you would make can be recouped in the long run. Since the prices are already depressed, finding the right property, at the right price and in the right fiscal situation can help in the approval of your loan application for your dream home.

Finding Local Institutions

The best way to manage your finances in purchasing properties overseas is by obtaining your loan in your home country. In the process of obtaining your loan, you need to find a bank in the country where you would be purchasing your dream home that is affiliated with the loaning bank in your home country. You would also need to find out the banking processes between the home bank and the local bank, as well as the financial costs as this would add-on to the overall expenses in your property purchase. It would be best to use this conduit as you would have backups as well as insurance for your transactions, unlike other under-the-table or back alley processes that may be offered for you for your property purchase.

Finding a Local Agent

Since for all intents and purposes, you are still an alien in a foreign land, finding a trustworthy agent and companion to help you navigate the process, as well as finances in purchasing property, is strongly recommended. In engaging the services of an agent, you would have an expert in the paperwork as well as the processes in the financial as well as documentary requirements in your new home country.


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