Financial Statement: The Crucial part of an Organisation

Everybody regardless of their profession, have to deal with numbers. The business world is enveloped in equations, ratios and formulas. It can be a living nightmare or you can beat the fear once and for all. So here lies the importance of financial statement to get your business financial structure in place. It is definitely not the exciting part of your business; however, keeping financial statement up-to-date is an important aspect of a business.

Financial statement includes balance sheet, income statement and cash flow report. As an owner, you should know where your cash is going? How much is required to cover a month of expense? But is that possible for you to cover these important aspects alone? Well, it is definitely not. A business accountant can help you produce your business financial report to give you an idea whether your business is doing well or not.

Let us take a close look at the three essential tools that reflect the financial status of your business:

Balance sheet

A balance sheet report is prepared to capture the financial health of your business at a particular moment in time. It shows your company’s assests, liabilities and equity. Assests are the things you won, liabilities are the things you owe and the remaining balance is equity. This is the value of your investment. A balance sheet shows the value of your business in terms of selling your assests to pay off your liabilities. When you need financing, the first thing any bank would ask is your balance sheet in terms of assests than liabilities as well as equity amount to show that your business has had profit to retain.
The balance sheet details what a business owes, what a business owns and what a business is worth and how shareholders finance the business.

Income statement:

The income statement report shows the profit and loss for a particular period of time such as a month, quarter or year. Income statement provides a lot of information about the financial position of your business. It lists the business revenue, sales, subtracts expenses and shows whether the company has made profit or suffered a loss.Income statement is valuable in terms of its ability to show flow of revenue, expenses and costs over a long or short period of time. If an income statement is prepared for a month, it shows how much money is brought in and how the expenses of the month looks like. Once you compare the report with the previous statements you can see that some expenses are higher or lower in certain months.
The report will also show if there is any seasonal dips in your income. The income statement report not only shows where you are but also shows how you got there. Most of the companies often use income statement as an overview of company’s results and also use other reports to analyse expense category details.

Cash flow:

A cash flow statement or the blood of your business shows the cash activity of your company for a particular period of time. It is prepared usually for a year. The report shows not only how much profit your business has earned and used for the business operation but also how much money it has made from investing and financing other activities. Investing activities can be selling of machines or other equipment as well as buying other businesses or even investing in stocks. On the contrary, financing activities could be either paying on a loan or getting a loan or selling off your company stock.

Cash flow is the money that moves in and out of your business.

To help you with your business financial statement, you can appoint Wisteria accountants who are skilled and proficient enough to guide you at every stage of your company’s growth. Wisteria has the largest accounting team who are focused on producing the accurate and timely account not only to comply with legal requirements but they also act as an important management tool.

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