Binary option trading – the Russian Binary Market

Binary option trading is undoubtedly a global phenomenon and traders from across the globe have access to the market, regardless of whether they are in front of their computers and trading their favorite assets or they are physically present on the floor where the trading is taking place. Binary trading has seen traders from all quarters and in this article, we will focus on the option trading market in Russia.

Being one of the fastest growing financial markets in the world, over the years, it has evolved as a stronger one with increasing number of trader base. Not only that, you will come across many such websites that will have Russian translation for traders from Russia. In fact, aside from Russian there are several other languages in which this trade is offered to the investors. In fact, if any website or trading platform has the facility of live chat, the customer support executive on the other end will converse in Russian or any other language as per your preference.

Dragon Options

One of the popular and much sought after trading platform that caters mainly to the Russian traders is Dragon Options. If you want to find out the names of few other binary brokers that offer binary trading facilities to traders with different language preferences, you can visit a website that lists the best binary options brokers. Although you may not find too many websites that dedicatedly work for the Russian traders barring a few but most of them are planning to incorporate the facility so that the services can be offered to other traders from across the geographical boundaries.


Aside from Dragon Options, there is another broker that caters to Russian traders and that is iOption. Equipped with 24 hours round the clock chat system, you can bank upon them for your binary trading needs. This trading platform utilizes major portion of its fund to facilitate trade for Russian traders. They have a Russian customer care executive that will answer all your queries related to binary trading. Regarded as one of the pioneers in binary option trading, the broker has earned a reputation in the financial market of offering excellent services to its clients.

Russian binary trading assets

Although the popularity of the Russian traders is on the rise and so is the Russian binary market, when it comes to trading different assets, you will have to be satisfied with just a few. Assets that can be traded in the Russian binary option trading market are as follows:

• USD/RUB currency pair
• Sberbank
• Lukoil
• Gazprom
• MICEX 10 or Moscow Interbank Exchange

The number of assets mentioned above is few but it is expected that the same will increase over the years.
When you browse through different websites of trading platforms, you will find that aside from English and Russian, there are options to trade in different languages. Since the number of brokers catering solely to Russian traders is less, you will have to apply common sense, logic, and wisdom in selecting the right broker thereby safeguarding your investment.

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